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Why my opponent Quit!
Neighbors or Nepotism?

It is apparent that my opponent has a close relationship with a Major Developer, OTD (Old Town Development).
The attached picture shows key members of the Town’s Development approval process, three (3) Council Members including my opponent, two (2) Planning and Zoning Members along with several Members of our Ethics Commission with the two (2) Partners of the Development OTD in Las Vegas.

Several of these trips were made after the approval but prior to favorable amendments to the OTD agreement.

OTD’s Phase III proposal:
In addition to the ongoing development, a new development was then being planned (Phase III) that would have included a estimated $8-10 million dollar Trophy Club tax incentive for the land and a parking garage (538 spaces) at the Intersection of 114 and Trophy Wood Drive.

January 8th, 2019 Council Meeting:
At the Council Meeting three (3) Council Members including my opponent became unset at CM Alicia Fleury, Candidate for Mayor, and myself when we voted against the $283,000 engineering study for the parking garage as part the estimated $8-10 million tax incentives for the Developer OTD’s Phase III project.
Here is the link, The discussion starts at the 
36 minute and 18 seconds mark.
Please note the year is incorrectly listed as 2018 instead of 2019.
I stated at the January 8th meeting, there was no site plan submitted for the project nor any documents showing how this was going to be financed.

The Big Red Flag:
What began to pop its ugly head up at that time was the conflict of interest issues between a sitting Council Member (who is shown in the picture) Tim Kurtz doing business with the developer by investing $100,000 in the development, soliciting investors for the development and entering into a franchise agreement with one of the partners of OTD. CM Kurtz failed to recuse himself for nearly 4 years during the negotiations and voting for the Developer OTD that he had Conflicts with.

My Opponent Quits:
My opponent quit the Council (in the middle of the questioning at an executive meeting on January 19th, 2019) with two (2)years and four (4) months left on a 3 year term. Check my September 14 post regarding the timeline.

The simply truth is that my opponent quit to avoid answering additional questions about what he knew of the conflict of interests by CM Tim Kurtz regarding his $100,000 investment in the OTD development and CM Kurtz’s soliciting of investors for that development. Prior to quitting that night my opponent acknowledge when asked that he knew CM Kurtz entered into a franchise agreement with one of the Partners of OTD.  

My opponent is currently trying to rewrite history by blaming his quitting the Council for different reasons when in fact he stated right after the meeting on FaceBook that I was the primary reason for him quitting. (See attached)

Now that the (Phase III) OTD Plan that included the estimated $8-10 million dollar tax incentive fell apart due to the discovery of the conflicts, my opponent now claims he agrees with me that we should sell the land and not give it away as a tax incentive.

For the record I initially voted for the OTD incentives, prior to becoming aware of all of the conflict of interests that existed between the sitting Council Member and the Developer. I lost confidence in the parties involved on having the best interest of the town in mind.

A Town of our size allows for interaction of citizens and Councils Members however what does not pass the smell test is going to Vegas with developers that are soliciting tax incentives from our Town.

What happens in Vegas in this case did not stay in Vegas.

Do you want someone who can stand up and ask the tough questions that need to be asked or a person who will quit under pressure?


 Issue #1      I will fulfill my term of office
My opponent quit his Council Seat during a Council (executive) meeting 8 months into his 3 year term of office and filed to run against me less then a year after he resigned.
At the January 19, 2019 Council (Executive) meeting my opponent abruptly quit during a series of questions being asked about what he knew and when he knew it regarding the financial relationship between a sitting Council Member (Tim Kurtz) and a major developer  OTD (Old Town Development) in our Town that was receiving tax incentives.
When my opponent quit he went on Facebook and cited me as a reason. See his attached post on FaceBook after resigning. 
And Then: 
Approximately 5-6 months after my opponent resigned he applied for and was nominated to serve on two (2) Town Commissions and appointed to both by Council on September 24, 2019.

My opponent attended 8 Charter Review meetings and 3 P&Z (Planning & Zoning) meetings for a total of 11 meetings compared to only 5 Town Council meetings that would have occurred during that time frame from October 3, 2019 to January 31, 2020.
If my opponent had the time to attend 11 Commission meetings, he had the time to stay on Council and attend 5 Council meetings.
After I announced my decision to run for Council, my opponent filed to run against me on January 15, 2020 which was less then a year after he resigned for the May 02, 2020 election which was postponed until this November 3rd.
The duplicity of quitting his Council seat with 2 years and 4 months left on his term and yet had the time to serve on 2 major Town boards.

He presented a false narrative to avoid answering the tough questions regarding his relationship and the conflict of interest between the developer, some Members of Council and Town Boards and commissions.



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